Get the road map to your equine athlete's musculature. We all strive for a connected and dynamically balanced athlete. Take the knowledge from a comprehensive online assessment of your athlete and apply it to your training program to make sure you are individualizing your conditioning to YOUR OWN athlete's soft tissue needs!



  • A comprehensive assessment of your equine athlete's movement and posture from a #TeamVE expert every 4 weeks
  • A recommended exercise routine based on your equine athlete's assessment. Includes in-hand and under-saddle exercises.



  • We recommend staying on a program with #TeamVE. Your equine athlete's muscles are always changing. We recommend getting your online assessments re-evaluated every 4 weeks.


  • ​This service is available to any equestrian, in any discipline, all over the world.


    • The ability for your horse to perform at their optimal level is dependent on the functionality of  their musculoskeletal system.
    • Every equine athlete, no matter the discipline, requires muscular strength, joint flexibility and tissue recovery to maximize performance. Unfortunately, every athlete, human or equine, suffers from muscle tension and restriction. When our athletes work hard, it's inevitable! 
    • The most effective way to address tension and restrictions within this system is through a SPECIFIC CONDITIONING PROGRAM tailored to your equine athlete. 
    • Working closely along your equine professionals, Vitality Equine provides a comprehensive online  assessment and recommendations based on your equine athlete's needs. 
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