That's right, y'all! Vitality Equine is exploring Blogtopia. Back in 2015, Vitality Equine used to blog...we shared stories of clients and their horses, with pictures of horses and muscles, it was so fun! And, well we had a little hiatus, as we became more and more entranced with the allure of Instagram and Facebook, but hey, we are back now and we are excited (!!!), can you tell? Yes, don't worry this blog will be filled with run on sentences and science. Could make a cool hashtag, no? #RunOnSentenceScience

This blog will be your go to spot to find out all of the latest happenings with (and not limited to...)

- Vitality Equine Educational Events & Community Collaborations #Community

- Stories about the inspiring people and horses that make up #TeamVE

- Up to date research in the field of equine health and wellness #ScienceIsSuper

This blog has been created for YOU. So, if you have any ideas for what you would like to see on the blog... you want to see a picture of your horse? Holla! Want to read more on the intricacies of actin and myosin function? Holla! Want to see more photos of Brigitte's dog and horse? Holla! But, seriously, do not hesitate to reach out to us, we would love your feedback, and curate the equine musculoskeletal blog of your wildest dreams.

For today's blog we thought we could start with the story behind Vitality Equine.

Well the Vitality Equine logo answers this question. Our logo is a reminder of why Vitality Equine was created. The logo is a depiction of Brigitte's bay gelding, Mac, who truly is one of the co-founders of this company...okay maybe not co-founder, but he was definitely the motivation behind starting VE (see Our Team page for proof of that).

Specifically, it was his spasmodic back tissues after a CTR (Competitive Trail Ride) in the summer of 2014 that started it all. After an arduous 25 mile race, Brigitte observed that his lumbar tissues were very sensitive to touch, and that when she would run her hands along his spine he would react and respond with spasms. Brigitte knew this was not an ideal reaction, and was worried about it because it was clearly painful. That being said he had still totally vetted okay upon finishing the race, so she also didn't know who to approach about this issue, since he wasn't showing any lameness.

Almost, instinctively Brigitte began grooming and massaging his lower back tissues and surrounding tissues, obviously, back then it was more like petting, because she had no clue what she was doing. But the point is, in that same moment, her close friend (Louisa @WesternTwistMedia), mentioned "you know there are professional equine massage therapists out there who do this for a living right"? Brigitte responded quizzically, and with a lot of interest..."You mean there is such thing as a horse massage therapist?"...


Who would have thought that one trail ride, one series of lumbar spasms, one suggestion from a friend, would lead to us, here, working full time on helping our equine athletes FEEL their best to ultimately PERFORM their best. Wanting to give back to our hardworking horses Brigitte started Vitality Equine in 2015 with the goal of optimizing equine athlete health and performance. She experienced it first hand. Her horse giving his all for her dreams and goals, it was time to give back to our hard working athletes on a greater scale. Her dedication to the scientific approach, combined with her love for horses and people, makes Brigitte a talented therapist. Her passions lie in teaching horse owners and professionals the science behind equine anatomy and movement. Brigitte loves being a part of your equine athlete's team, and works closely alongside your horse's attending veterinarians, trainers, chiropractors, physiotherapists, farriers and more!


If you feel a little tug in your heart to try something new, to go in a different direction...and if it's coming from your heart, FOLLOW IT. You won't be disappointed ;)

"There is not a day that goes by where I am not profoundly grateful for our horses. The connections I have made and continue to make through Vitality Equine, that undoubtedly shape who I am. I am so unbelievably inspired by my clients - human and horse alike. The dedication, the passion and the love we all share for our incredible athletes is what drives me to continue providing the highest standard of care to every single equine athlete I work with"
- Brigitte Meyer, owner of Vitality Equine
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