Nutrition and body/muscular function go hand in hand!

As you know we recently became Equiflax Oil dealers! Yep, that’s right for the first time in 5 years I finally found a nutritional product that I loved so much, that I absolutely had to make available to #TeamVE.

So, I asked Energy Equine if I could start carrying these amazing oils, and they said yes! Haha, I got down on one knee and said, Will you Energy Equine allow me to sell this amazing product to #TeamVE clients at my appointments? And they said Yes…THEY SAID YES! Haha, did you guys see what I did there, I proposed to Energy Equine for their products and they said yes.

I digress.

For the first time in 5 years, we are carrying a nutritional product. With the highest concentration of Omega 3, Equiflax has significant benefits in comparison to any other oil on the market. Omega 3's are naturally found in fresh pasture grass, that's why we start to notice those shiny coats in summer. But for horses fed a hay-based diet they will receive less Omega 3s than a horse on a pasture diet, as there is a big decline in Omega 3s once hay has been cut and baled.

Supplementation of Omega 3s in equine diets reduces inflammatory effects, to provide a wide spectrum of health benefits. Inflammation is the basis of so many equine diseases, from osteoarthritis, respiratory illnesses, dermatitis and cancers...etc So, Omega 3s are a great way to promote a shiny coat and healthy skin, but more importantly it promotes those healthy anti-inflammatory responses, to help combat inflammatory responses in a natural way.


Equiflax promotes:

⭐️ Joint strength

⭐️ Digestive health

⭐️ Mental clarity

⭐️ Recovery

⭐️ Anti inflammatory benefits

⭐️ Skin & hoof health

So, why does a massage therapy company want to start carrying nutritional health products anyways? Well, the same reason we work with your veterinarian, your chiropractor, your farrier and your trainers! The team approach. The holistic approach. Your equine athlete’s soft tissue systems - whether it’s their connective tissue, their nervous system, their fascia or their muscles, all of the cells that make up these systems need the proper nutrients.

Your horse’s nutrition program goes hand in hand with their musculature. Did Michael Jordan drink and smoke between games in the late 1980s with his team mates? No. He got sleep, he fuelled his body and dedicated his life to the game of basketball with proper nutrition. Why, yes, I am currently watching The Last Dance on Netflix, and yes, I am very inspired by it. Essentially, MJ joined the Chicago Bulls when they were partying and feeding their bodies with booze and cigarettes. Not that I am suggesting you are currently feeding your horses with that, All I am saying is….you want your horse to feel their best? Perform their best? Be like Mike. Drink Gatorade. No, I am kidding. Be like Mike and fuel your horse’s bodies…and ultimately their cells that make up their muscle fibres with the nutrients needed for OPTIMAL muscle contraction, for proper communication between cells, to create powerful connections between systems. Muscles don’t contract on their own. Muscles also don’t relax on their own. A combination of omegas, vitamins, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, amino acids…are needed for muscle growth and function.

There is SO MUCH RESEARCH out there on equine nutrition. Don’t take the word of a random person on a Facebook post on what you should be feeding your horse. Read the peer reviewed literature, take a class, ask your horse professionals. What you feed your horse, equates to their performance. You have to make sure they are getting the proper nutrients, in relationship to their performance. No, that doesn’t mean feeding them 50 different supplements either. It just means that you are fuelling their bodies to the level that you are asking them to perform at. Have questions about your horse’s nutrition program? Ask us at your next session, we are no experts in nutrition, but we know what your horse’s muscles need to perform at their best! What you feed your horse impacts their performance. What Micheal Jordan ate impacted his performance too, ya know!

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