Vitality Equine is excited to share another #TeamVE blog posts. Where each month we share the stories of the people, horses and athletes that make up the Vitality Equine COMMUNITY, and ultimately are the faces of #TeamVE. This week we are featuring guest blogger, Kari and her mare, Shania. These two have been active clients of Vitality Equine for over 2 years. We are excited to announce that Kari will be a guest blogger for the #TeamVE series! Grab a glass of wine, and read about her and Shania's adventures on the Rodeo Road below!

Since my last post things have been crazy to say the least! Over the month of June my personal and professional life threw a curve ball in my racing. Between report cards and getting married Shania got some deserved time off.

Photo by SJ Originals

Once the dust settled it was time to get her back in shape and back on the rodeo road. It was at this time that I realized I had two weeks to qualify for ABRA finals and only had 2 of my 9 runs needed qualify. My first thought was “Shania is going to hate me” my second thought was “I need to make sure to schedule time with Brigitte as soon as possible”!

Photo by SJ Originals

Shania exceeded my expectations and gave it her all in every race and proved that she loves running in the mud, which is great because let’s face it what other type of ground has there been to run in this summer! After our marathon two weeks everyone was exhausted (including my bank account) so it was time for a visit from Shania’s favourite person (and mine), Brigitte! I’ve said before that Shania often likes to dance around during her massage but she must have really needed this session because she immediately relaxed. I had been noticing that Shania was blowing off the backside of our first barrel on the last couple of runs and Brigitte quickly noticed she was tight on her back, her hip flexors and her right shoulder. She worked her magic to release the tissue leaving Shania feeling more herself. Our horses are often trying to tell us things when something is going wrong and it’s easy to forget to listen. This is one of the reasons I’m thankful to be part of Team Vitality Equine, Brigitte will always make the connections and get right to the issue with the tissue!

I am 100% guilty of stretching before the run but forgetting to stretch after as I’m usually in a rush to cool her out and get home. I was reminded this past week in my own work out how important this part of the cool down is after running the stairs and forgetting to stretch. The day after my calves were so tight everything felt just a little harder. It was during my morning walk with my dog that I promised myself to never skip on stretching myself or Shania post workout…I figure if I make that promise to everyone reading this, I will have to follow through with it!

Photo by Corina Cowie, Art of all Trades

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