Catching up with Caroline

Photo by Rockin A Photography

I am so excited to welcome Caroline Meert to Vitality Equine. Caroline has an extensive background with horses and a passion for equine wellness. I had the chance to sit down with Caroline last week to find out more about her, her horses and how she can help your athlete.

Why don’t you start off by telling us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Caroline Meert I grew up west of Cochrane. I’ve lived there since I was three years old. We originally started doing three-day eventing cause that’s what my mom did growing up. Soon me and my sister got into going fast so we started gymkhana and now we rodeo. I’m an active team roper, barrel racer and I’m just picking up breakaway roping again.

Photo by Rockin A Photography

Ohh that’s so awesome, so clearly you have horses of your own! Tell us a little bit more about your horses.

Yes, I have 7 horses, right now I have 4 young ones and I’m hoping to show them soon, but, I‘m starting to train them in breakaway roping because that is huge and upcoming in the States, so hopefully one day I’ll be roping in America and Las Vegas. Essentially with them I focus on hind end engagement with whatever I do. For them to properly stop, they need to activate their hind end, so they’re not putting all their weight through their front end when they stop.

Clearly you’re very passionate about horses which is perfect for Vitality Equine because so are we, and you’ve been involved with horses a long time. So can you tell us a little bit more and give us some insight into how you became interested in becoming an equine massage therapist?

I worked at physio clinic for two years after I graduated from the University of Lethbridge with a Kinesiology Degree. I went to one of Brigitte’s seminars and I was debating going back to school. But I didn’t want to give up my horses to go back to school and I ran into Brigitte and she started talking about doing equine massage therapy and I thought it would be a great idea to combine the two.

That’s so awesome! So, what does Vitality Equine mean to you then?

Already, Vitality Equine has become a huge family and any barn that Brigitte takes me to they are so welcoming and Brigitte is just almost best friends with all of them and I just can’t wait to become part of that family!

Oh my gosh we’re so looking forward to having you with our horses to! What can people expect when you come to massage one of their athletes?

So, I’m kind of a huge nerd and I love connections of how muscles make the body move within people and animals. So, I really would like to kind of help people understand how their horses move biomechanically, how when one muscle is tight the other one can’t function properly.

Well, we are so excited to have you join the team and expect to see her at a barn near you in 2020!!

Photos by Rockin A Photography


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