Vitality Equine is proud to partner with these companies to bring a team approach to equine athlete health and wellness. The incorporation of the team approach in to your horses program allows us to view your horse as a whole, contributing to greater success in and out of the arena.




Coulee Equine is Western Canada’s premier facility for equine conditioning, rehabilitation and wellness.  Our focus is providing custom programs to promote the longevity of your equine athlete, no matter the discipline.

Coulee Equine offers state of the art services such as; water treadmill, salt water hydrotherapy, indoor exerciser, solarium, proscope microcurrent therapy and equipping.



Energy Equine is a leading edge veterinary clinic & premier facility with a specific interest in equine sports medicine located in Airdrie, Alberta. Vitality Equine loves working with Energy Equine as their official in-house equine athlete therapist. Check back with us to find out our next clinic date. 



Endurance Equine located in Ponoka Alberta, is the only aqua walker facility in Canada. The Aqua Walker is a hot walker built into a platform that sits within a four-foot-deep cemented pool.

Water therapy is an excellent form of conditioning and is especially beneficial for rehabilitation of injuries or limb issues such as soreness, lameness, and arthritis.

It is a stress free and relaxing exercise with easy entry and exit and a comfortable amount of space for movement. The design of our Aqua Walker boosts equine fitness while limiting stress on joints and the effects of ground forces, making it safe and efficient. 

With the low impact of the hot walker swimming pool, equine athletes can quickly build muscle, lose fat, release stiffness, and strengthen bones, all at a safe and enjoyable pace. This conditioning provides our clients an additional and convenient method of exercise or rehabilitation to elevate their health and wellness programs.




Vitality Equine is proud to be a part of the Alberta Equestrian Federation community. The AEF believes in lifelong learning and education, and so do we! Not an AEF member yet? Visit their website to see how you can get involved!



Brigitte Meyer of Vitality Equine is an active member of the International Equine Body Workers Association (IEBWA). Brigitte carries professional insurance and fulfills yearly continuing education requirements as part of this association. Brigitte is passionate about promoting the industry of equine bodywork for horse owners and professionals a like



Vitality Equine is proud to partner with Back On Track Canada. Back On Track provides therapeutic textile products with the latest in Welltex innovation for our equine athletes. Back On Track products are designed to help promote circulation in our athlete's tissues. 


Coalition exists to provide a profound resource for athletes, their families and the active Calgary community. Working with athletes, parents, coaches and sport organizations to streamline

effective and efficient alternative healthcare to appropriately manage sport, injury, facilitate rehabilitation and positively influence performance in sport, activity and life in general.


Coalition recognizes the struggle and uncertainty when suffering from sport injury, pain or other dysfunctions affecting daily life.

The company exists to bridge this gap and get you to where you need to go. Whether it is in house clinical assessment/treatment, on-site consultations or referrals to the best possible healthcare resources our Calgary community has to offer, Coalition strives to provide the best possible care, always.

#TeamVE is looking forward to growing this partnership in 2020!



We are passionate about working with equine inspired companies. If you are interested in collaborating with Vitality Equine, we would LOVE to hear from you.

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