Since graduating from her BSc in Biology in 2011, Brigitte has dedicated her career to the health and wellness of the equine athlete. Wanting to give back to our hardworking horses Brigitte started Vitality Equine in 2015 with the goal of optimizing equine athlete health and performance. Her dedication to the scientific approach, combined with her love for horses and people, makes Brigitte a talented therapist. Her passions lie in teaching horse owners and professionals the science behind equine anatomy and movement. For a list of upcoming clinics and mentorship opportunities with Brigitte, visit our Education & Mentorship pages.


Equine Massage Therapist

Since graduating in 2017 with a BSc in Kinesiology, Caroline has worked within a physiotherapy clinic for two years educating, training and rehabilitating athletes and non-athletes. While this is one of her passions, she is even more passionate about horses. Her combined passions led her to pursue a career focusing on the health and wellness of equine athletes, as well as their owners. Due to her educational background, Caroline is driven by the scientific understanding of human and equine biomechanics. She owns 7 horses of her own, and enjoys roping, barrel racing and training her herd when she is not working with your equine athletes!


Marketing Director

Shelby joined #TeamVE in 2020 as the mastermind behind all things marketing. An amateur barrel racer, #dogmom and marketing professional - she is the passionate voice behind Vitality Equines online presence. Shelby's outlook on marketing is to create genuine relationships with followers and clients through the use of authentic content. When she's not planning content or the next Vitality Equine event you can catch her on the rodeo trail with her own equine athletes - Nova & Ultra.



Ever wondered where all the dreamy photography we share comes from? Marisa is the mastermind behind it all! As the official #TeamVE photographer, Marisa ensures we also have the content we need to share with you all! Marisa is a true representative of the Wester Lifestyle coming from a ranching family, which means she fits in just right with the rest of the Vitality Equine family! 



Vitality Equine would not be where it is today without this handsome bay gelding. Born in 1999, Mac has been an integral part of Brigitte's life for the last 10 years. Taking her across the province on endurance rides, through extreme cowboy obstacles, cattle work and maybe even a little skijoring. Mac is the raison d'être behind Vitality Equine. We all have a heart horse, and Mac is  just that for Vitality Equine. Mac enjoys temporal massages, carrot stretches and cantering at full speed with the wind blowing in his luscious black mane. 


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