For Vitality Equine, massage therapy is an integral part to the well-being of every equine athlete. The ability for your horse to perform at their optimal level is dependent on the functionality of  their musculoskeletal system. Every equine athlete, no matter the discipline, requires muscular strength, joint flexibility and tissue recovery to maximize performance. Unfortunately, every athlete, human or equine, suffers from muscle tension and restriction. When our athletes work hard, it's inevitable! The most effective way to address tension and restrictions within this system is through movement & bodywork. Working closely along your equine professionals, Vitality Equine provides state of the art equine massage therapy to ensure your athlete is performing their best!

2020 RATES

Performance Massage Therapy Session

Enhance equine athletic performance with full body massage therapy. Each session includes a massage therapy session, a detailed Vitality Equine report & suggested exercises and activations specially intended for your equine athlete.

Senior Massage Therapist  - Brigitte Meyer                               $115 + GST

Massage Therapist  - Caroline Meert                                       $100 + GST


Add Ons

Available in addition to any performance massage therapy session. Not available for individual sale. 

Step by Step 4 Week Program made for your Equine Athlete         $50 + GST

Essential Oil Application                                                         $20 + GST

Performance Prep Session                                               

These are 30 minute activation sessions intended to promote circulation and flexibility to the equine athlete at a show setting. Available to clients at a show or post Performance Massage Therapy Session.

Massage Therapist  - Caroline Meert                                         $70 + GST

Static & Dynamic Assessment                                   

Get the road map to your equine athlete's musculature. We all strive for a connected and dynamically balanced athlete. Take the knowledge from this comprehensive assessment and apply it to your training program to make sure you are individualizing your program to your athlete's soft tissue needs!

Senior Massage Therapist  - Brigitte Meyer                               $175 + GST

Massage Therapist  - Caroline Meert                                       $125 + GST

*NEW* Online Biomechanic Assessment                                  $75 + GST

Travel Fees                                                                      TBD

Dependent on your location and the number of clients visited on that day. Contact Vitality Equine for a more accurate quote.

Effective March 1, 2020


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