"The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge" 

Vitality Equine values education, both for equine professionals and owners alike. The more you learn about the inner workings of your equine athlete, the more you can contribute to their health and well being. The beauty of muscle tissues are that they are malleable. They are changeable. From day one to the very last day that our equine athletes are with us, you can impact their musculoskeletal system. It's up to you whether you will impact their tissues and movements in a positive and meaningful way. Understanding the science behind equine movement is a powerful tool. A tool that we are passionate about sharing through various education opportunities, from presentations to clinics to seminars. 


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Vitality Equine is excited to share a new and meaningful way for aspiring equine professionals to learn the science behind equine movement and anatomy. Click below for more information on the Vitality Equine Mentorship Program.

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